PWS 900i PWS1250i PWS1800i PWS1800iL
Power Output 725 kW 1050 kW 1500 kW 1800 kW
Cut in Wind Speed 3m/s. 3m/s. 3m/s. 2.1 m/s
Output in Wind Speed 25m/s. 25m/s. 25m/s. 25m/s.
Diameter 58 Mt. 68 mts 83.64 mts 100 mts
Hub Height 71mts. 74 mts 80 mts 100 mts
Tower Tubular Tubular Tubular Tubular
Cone Angle
Tilt Angle
Power Control Individual blade pitch Individual blade pitch Individual blade pitch
Pitch Drive A.C.Servo Drive A.C.Servo Drive A.C.Servo Drive
Backup system Battery Battery Battery
Drive Train
Gear Box Combined Plain and Helical 3 stage from Siemens
Main Bearing Schaeffler KG
Generators Asynchronous Generators from SIEMENS / ABB
Operating Speed 500 to 1600 RPM
Converter IGBT based Full Scale Converter to suit 50Hz/60Hz from ABB
Control System Beckhoff, Germany
Speed Control A.C. Servo Driven Pitch System
Rotor Brake Independent triple Pitch System (Aerodynamic)
2nd Brake System Hydraulic Disc Brake on High Speed Shaft
Yaw Control Gear Motors with Brake
Braking System Hydraulic Caliper Brakes